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  1. Dr. Peter DeSilva says:

    Hi Oscar,

    Many many thanks for planning such a wonderful trip. We all really enjoyed having agents take care of the luggage and transport from the various airports and having contacts to book the NewYears event etc. The hotels were well situated, eg the NH Tower in BA was close to Florida street, churches, and eateries. We did do some shopping there on the last day.

    I am glad that we had that one day in Santiago for travel to one of the wineries.
    Iguazu Falls, as you said was spectacular and the Grand Adventure into the falls was great. Again, we did not have enough time the next day due to a 1 pm flight to BA to do the jungle adventure as it begins at 8 am and ends at 12 noon.and did not want to have another charge for changing a flight for the 9 of us.

    All in all, we had a great vacation and all were healthy and safe and we have to thank God for that. Thanks again , Oscar.

    Dr D.

  2. Dr. Harji Gogia says:

    Dear Oscar,
    wanted to take the time to thank you on behalf of my wife and myself for arranging a wonderful trip for us. It was a pleasure to work with you and specially meet you and your wife in person. Appreciate your being so accommodating to see that we have an enjoyable trip. I am sure this opinion is shared by the group in general.
    stay in touch. look forward to working with you in future.
    Harji and Surinder

  3. Dr. Marc Mintz says:

    Please allow me to thank you for all your time, effort and expertise in putting together our cruise.
    This is our first time to South America and it is comforting to know that our plans were coordinated by an expert

  4. Dr. Arum and Sandy Budhraja says:

    Thanks a lot Oscar and welcome back. Hope you had fun in South America. We loved our vacation. You had done a great job arranging it. Your wife is as sweet and nice as you are. We hope to do future vacation planning with you.

    Thanks ever so much for bringing those candles. I will call you on Monday to try and connect. This weekend is our Indian new year celebration so am having a big party at my place. Will be busy till Sunday.

    Talk to you on Monday. Have a great weekend.


  5. Vicki Bean says:

    Hi Oscar,

    First of all, I want to tell you that Mr. and Mrs. Z. LOVED their trip….couldn’t say enough wonderful things
    about the hotels and the tours…..thank you.

    Now a relative wants to do about 9-10 nights in Rio, Iguazu, and Buenos Aires for 2 couples. They want to try to keep the price more moderate, so we don’t need deluxe hotels…(but view of falls would be desirable).

    They are thinking of October, unless this time is not good due to weather or events. They are flexible so
    if they go a before of after to save some money, they can probably change to September of November.

    Please let me know what you think……and if you can do a proposal.

    Thanks again…you made me look good!

    Best regards,



  6. Jahn and Hal Levitt says:

    Dear Oscar:

    We and the Golpers have just returned yesterday from
    our Buenos Aires trip.

    It was a fabulous trip, and the selection of sites of
    interest, restaurants, guides, were splendid. Hal and
    I enjoyed every moment, and we can’t thank you enough.
    Iguazu was truly a miracle, and your attention to
    detail and our comfort was greatly appreciated.

    We were thinking of planning another such trip to
    Turkey, or Peru, or another South American country.
    Can you suggest a similar type of vacation for us? We
    are thinking about going in August or September,
    before the Jewish holidays…We look forward to your

    Thank you once again, Oscar, for your attention to all
    of our needs and our enjoyment of wonderful Buenos
    Aires. You made it very special for us!

    Cordially and with much appreciation,
    Jahn and Hal Levitt

  7. Eliyahu David says:

    Dear Oscar,

    In behalf of Sharon and David families I would like to thank you for the most pleasurable trip we had to South America.

    All itinerary details were exactly as planned, ground services were punctual and at high level.

    We really appreciate your efforts to follow in real time our flights schedule, although was not part of your package. Your alerts for changes saved us lot of disappointment.

    We are going to recommend your services in every opportunity.

    Please let me know if you want to get detailed opinion on the hotels, and tours.

    Best regards,

    Eli David and Ariel Sharon
    Tel Aviv – Israel

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